Hang your snowboard on the wall and display the design !

  • Save the space in your room !
  • Smart decorate your wall !
  • End of moving the board from cornet to corner !

display the design of the board

Before you decide where hang your board,
please read the descripion below.

header 4snowboard straps - product details

  • the kit consists of two hanging straps and two screw anchors with hooks,
  • high quality durability and an aesthetic appearance are guaranteed by joining together three layers of special tapes and engraved metal semicircles with writing 4snowboard,

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  • after hitching your snowboard, the straps can be visible in one of three colourways:

black straps with red-white writing

- black with red-white writing 4snowboard,

black straps with blue-white writing

- black with blue-white writing 4snowboard,

black straps without writing - blank

- black without writing - blank,

  • using the snowboard hangers is perfectly safe for the board and protects it from damage,
  • display straps come in original package with full description and manual instructions.
photo of package


Each set of straps is the same. Visible red-white or blue-white writing or blank depends only of the hanging way. All the time you can change visible colour of straps.

Now even you can hang the board on the wall !

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